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Fuji Elevator Manufacturers has rich product varieties. We can satisfy diverse requirements from various users. The products scope covers passenger elevator, observation elevator, bed elevator, freight elevator, hydraulic elevator, car elevator, small machine room elevator, machine room-less elevator, home elevator, dumbwaiter, escalator and moving walk.

The hospital elevator is designed specifically for the hospital.Its speed can reach 2.5 m/s, the maximum load is 2000kg, up to 26 people can be carried at the same time.We have some unique advantages as follows:

1.Automatic adjustment of door opening time——According to current registered landing call and call call situation, system will automaticlly adjust the door open holding time.

2.Light curtain protection——When light curtain is sheltered, door will stop closing at once and automatically open.

3.Inspection operation——When elevator enters into inspection state, car runs in jog state.

4.Brake detecting protection ——System detects the brake state, if there is any abnormal or braking contacts are adhered, elevator can’t start running.

5.Hoistway self-learning——Through hoistway self-learning, system can measure out the distance between every floor and record them permanently.

From design to manufacture, from installation to maintenance, we endeavor to satisfy the clients’ individual requirements. Our nation-wide service networks, and well-trained engineering staff provides the customers with perfect services according to fixed work standard wholeheartedly. We have formulated and implemented a set of strict installation management process and operation rules to ensure our customers rest at ease.

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